Two Minute Connection: Storytelling

Stories pass along values and understanding across the decades. Stories inform and motivate.

This 2 minute connection video clip was taken from Bill’s Keynote Address at the DMA Convention in NYC. It will show how to capture the attention of your audience. Pay attention to your heart…and send us your own storytelling experience.

In our upcoming 2 Minute Connections we will share more ideas, to assist all of us in reaching our greatest potential!

“Tell to Win” by Peter Guber


Finally…if you want to dig deeper into Storytelling, become familiar with “Tell to Win” by Peter Guber. This is an excellent book that states the need for bold storytelling.




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After decades of work in the field assisting those in need, Bill now continues his vision and passion by providing guidance to individuals and organizations with a mission to relieve suffering. Let us know how we may assist you.



Calm    (a painting by Bill’s brother Frank, site administrator…feel free to copy as a desktop wallpaper.)

We are here to bring global calmness rather than global warming.

Please enjoy your time here as a place to experience and create calm and peace in a troubled world.



On November 20, 2013, Bill delivered a presentation at

World Vision International on Breakthroughs:

Your Godly Vision…

Sustained through “Tenacious Tweaks and Bold Breakthroughs”

…So how many of you have come to World Vision in the last two years? Well my last chapel speech was 2 years ago next month…I think!

…and today I have chosen my favorite subject…

Godly VisionYour Godly Vision…Sustained through “Tenacious Tweaks and Bold Breakthroughs” OR SIMPLY

“What I’ve learned in 50 years of working with charities…and 40 of those years here at World Vision”

In a moment I’ll tell you why that subject is so important.

Since I began my World Vision career in 1966…one thing hasn’t changed…this is the best outreach to the poor in all the world…for those who are receiving our help and those millions of donors who love what they are doing. You all here in Monrovia are doing an incredible job at enabling people to change the world in the name of Christ.


Slide2My focus this morning is the Strategic importance of having a Godly Vision…that is invigorated by Tweaks and Breakthroughs.

Why is this my Focus? Because…(Click HERE for the full text.)



One mission of the Bill Kliewer Group LLC is to develop and deliver appropriate assistance to nonprofits and worthy causes to reach – even exceed – their goals.

The video below is Bill’s Keynote to the 2013 Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Conference, delivered on July 17 at the Grand Hyatt in New York City. This presentation, packed with guidance and assistance, is rich with history and meaningful stories to assist you with your mission:

The following two video clips from Operation Smile and World Vision, were mentioned by Bill in his presentation as examples of successful marketing breakthroughs:
For Operation Smile, the power of storytelling works:

For World Vision, retention is all about giving joy to people: